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When you graduate from the university and begin to work, you will deeply feel that you have difficulty having a sense of self-affirmation.  The reason for this is that you get evaluated by others about your working performance.  Certainly, you may have compliment, but you will probably get told off by your boss much more frequenty.  If you are able to think of yourself to be valuable, you will manage to live in any circumstances.

However, this is really difficult.  This is because you are not willing to continue having self-confidence even though you find your weak points by getting pointed out.  Nonetheless, you - only you-  have to think of yourself to a person who has some value.

So, you will wonder how you can have such a confidence.  What can you do so that you are not afraid that you get evaluated by others?  One of the answers is that you focus on the present.  It seems that the fear derives from your memory in the past.  You need to concentrate what you are doing now with the memeory separated.  I believe you can proceed.