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ハーバードの人生が変わる東洋哲学: 悩めるエリートを熱狂させた超人気講義 (ハヤカワ・ノンフィクション文庫)








あからさまではない戦略をとることで、自分の意思をもろに押し付けたのでは到底及ばないほど多くのことをなしとげる 。 




This book is about Koshi,Moshi and Roshi.  I have not read about them, and so it was a good introduction to me.  Nevertherless, it does not necessarily go into detail in terms of its contents.  Therefore, more detail book would be preferable if you want to learn more.  Otherwise, you may be able to know it at a superficial level.


In particular, there was found something I am not able to do, and that is hard to do.  This is the lesson 'you should be weak to be strong'. This is so controvertial, but quite convincing.  To explain this, the example of a moderator of a meeting was raised.

The goal of the meeting is decided.  And you almost assume how you direct the meeting towards.  However, what is important in this situation is to draw participants' raction instead of strongly mentining your own thought.

For the sake of that, you should raise a point to be touched upon and let participants sense the issue to be discussed.  The way of talking and choice of words should be passionate to show your understanding and create atmosphere where participants simultaneously take a couse you expect. 

By taking a strategy that is not exaggerating, you will be able to accomplish more things than you can do by your own.

This example is not limited to a meeting.  You may have various case where you will decide something to do by discussing with others.  In such cases, I tend to insist my own thought.

How can we create a good atmosphere? This is really difficult to me, but to some people can do it.  This is so surprising to me.  Although i think I will be able to do it so easily, I want to be aware of it when communicating others. 



ハーバードの人生が変わる東洋哲学: 悩めるエリートを熱狂させた超人気講義 (ハヤカワ・ノンフィクション文庫)

ハーバードの人生が変わる東洋哲学: 悩めるエリートを熱狂させた超人気講義 (ハヤカワ・ノンフィクション文庫)