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純ジャパニーズの迷わない英語勉強法 (実用外国語)

純ジャパニーズの迷わない英語勉強法 (実用外国語)


I think that this book provide us with very practical advice in terms of English study and intended for Japanese English learners so that the advices would be very easy to work on.

This book tell us how important speaking competence comes firsrt before any other competences. I was very convinced and thought this will become a mainstreaming for English study.

She explained the strategy for speaking, which is '50 basic phrases'.

The phrased are the fundamental for any other type of sentences: question sentences, past sentences and so on. They are a startpoint for all speaking and should be trained untill they come from our mouths without thinking. 

This remaids me that I haven't done such things thoroughly so that I will try to make it a rule to do this excercise.

In addition to that, adding 3 phrases a day will give us a signifiant effect on improving your English. I often just hear Engllish without aims and so this would give me a incentive to use your English brain.

To go to the  listening, what I thought is interesteing in what she is saying is English Rakugo. It uses simple English and speedy and interesting. I want to try it.

I think there are more of interesting point in this book, which makes me come back to this book again when I get lost in studying.