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This book is written by Mr. Akaba, who is famaous for A4memo method.

In this book, he desribes what is going on in the worrld, chances, risks and hints you should think about in terms of work, technology, blochchain, global dynamics and company.

It is true that you have to think about what you are going to do in response to his hints. However, these hints are really valuable in terms of the fact that issues to be addressed have become obvious.

In addition, he tells you 20 of skills and points you need to acquire. They include what I have avoided due to weak points to me, but it made me think I have to face and address those things.

  1. designing your life and preparing always in order to have continuous options
  2. getting better by habituation
  3. thinking by your own mind with pleasure
  4. collecting knowlege to predict future
  5. analysing, thinking deeper, seeing into the truth
  6. rapid decision making and action
  7. global sense, action and english
  8. leadership to go forward in uncertain situation
  9. management competence by making the best use of the collective power of your colleagues towards best perfomance
  10. coaching to bring up your colleagus the most effectvely and rapidly
  11. making community to suvive this world
  12. revolution by yourself to rebuild up your company
  13. change jobs to survive
  14. starting businness to pave your way
  15. retaining your motivation
  16. hoding confidence
  17. goal, goal achievement and growing
  18. attitiude for work
  19. yourself and your life
  20. family, partner, community


3年後に結果を出すための最速成長 (ベスト新書)

3年後に結果を出すための最速成長 (ベスト新書)