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The writer of this book use to be a diplomat who had beeb working for Japan government for 27 years.

Based on the knowledge and experiences he had obtained throughout the years, various kinds of business skills are mentioned : personal connections, learning languege, negotiation, taking a note, collecting information, safety management.

There are so broad range of topics and thus you might feel unsatisfied with the depth of his stories.  

However, I don't think everyone can have an experience like his. In that sense, you might find interesting points in his experience as a diplomat.

On top of that, a diplomat is an executive officer in Japan. I have found his political insight interesting.

In addition to mentioned above, I will refer to points I want to keep in mind.

1. Learning Language

Why do you learn an language. You shold clarify the objective. He describes it is to develp a strategy in interanational business fields. Plus, he mention that learning language is compsed of 80% memory, 20% practical use. As a result, a target level of learning language in business are clarified.

Another tip of learning language is to memorise an interesting story in a target language and talk and make another story one after another. This process could help you improve your language skills to a certain level.

2. Concentration

Studying and learning need a concentration. He defines it : to obtain a proper result with analysing necessary and enough qualities and quantities of information in given time.

He also mentioned one concentration time of a male adult is 13 minuites, which is given time for studying and learning.

He still have  a lot of topics other than these: to factarisation of difficult problems; importance of geopolitics; analysis by evaluation axis; the art of collection of information etc.

ハイブリッド外交官の仕事術 (PHP文庫)

ハイブリッド外交官の仕事術 (PHP文庫)